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JUMBLE Uploader Detail - (for Site Master) Server Setting

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Android JUMBLE Uploader

JUMBLE Uploader

Android default browser unsupport mulpipart/form-data type upload.

If Android terminal show upload page, following picture will be displayed.

Using JUMBLE Uploader, JUMBLE Uploader will be automatically started up from Android default browser with very simple server customize.

And multipart/form-data upload will be enabled from Android terminal.

Android JUMBLE Uploader


It is very simple to adjust your site to JUMBLE Uploader.

  1. Change upload page link
  2. To be started up JUMBLE Uploader automatically from Android browser, change action link's protocol part to "htttup://".

    If you click following link,

    <a href="httpup://xxxx.xxx/upload.action">LINK</a>

    JUMBLE Uploader will start up with following target url set.


    So, URL part of after "httpup://" must be not upload page URL but file upload target URL.

  3. Prepare server side file handling
  4. If you upload by JUMBLE Uploader, file data is stored in "file" field.

    So, in server side you must be get file data from "file" field, and save data.

    This behavior is same that following multipart/form-data is uploaded.

    <form action="/xxxx.xxx" enctype="multipart/form-data">
      <input type="file" name="file"/>
Android JUMBLE Uploader


Just only basic setting, you can upload files.
If you return result page to client, a user can check it in JUMBLE Uploader display.

Upload completed result is displayed as link. If user tap the link, result page is shown as dialog.

But on this way, all upload result become upload complete link, regardless server side result is suceed or not.

So if a user wanted to check server side result, he must tap all result link and check result page's contents.

For resolving this complecation JUMBLE Uploader has function to show server side result directly.

If you returned following content included in result page, message is shown directly as result.
( Result message became no link. )

<msg value="MESSAGE" />

If server side result was error, return like following.

<msg error="1">MESSAGE</msg>
<msg error="1" value="MESSAGE" />

If you include attribute like [ error="1" ], message became red color.

Error attribute's value can be set "1" or "2".
"1" - Error message is shown to this file's upload result, and next file upload will be started.
"2" - Error message is shown to this file's upload result, and following files upload will be canceled.

Android JUMBLE Uploader


  • Promote JUMBLE Uploader to install on user's terminal
  • To promote JUMBLE Uploader to install on user's terminal, set eather one of following links.

    <a href="http://market.android.com/search?q=pname:jp.co.jumble.android.upload">
    JUMBLE Uploader Download!
    <a href="market://search?q=pname:jp.co.jumble.android.upload">
    JUMBLE Uploader Download!

    If user tap this link in Android terminal, JUMBLE Uploader downlad page is displayed.(*)

    * Emulator is not available.

  • Change link only if Android terminal
  • To check a user terminal in server side, User-Agent can be used.

    When User-Agent has "Android", a user terminal will be Android terminal.
    In this case, change upload link protocol to "httpup".

    But User-Agent can be changed by a user.
    So there is a case not accepted.

  • Upload parameters
  • To upload parameters with file data, use query string like following.

    <a href="httpup://xxxx.xxx/xxx.xxx?param1=value1&amp;param2=value2">

    If a user start up JUMBLE Uploader from the link, user's Android terminal display like following.


    And real upload url is set like following.


    Server can get "param1" "param2" with "GET" type parameter.

  • Browser session
  • To take over session from browser to JUMBLE Uploader, pass session-ID like parameters.

    If session-ID's key was "sessionid" and value was "1234567890", set link like following.

    <a href="httpup://xxxx.xxx/xxx.xxx?sessionid=1234567890">LINK</a>

    For example about mager language...

    PHP default paramter is "PHPSESSID".

    <a href="httpup://xxxx.xxx/xxx.xxx?PHPSESSID=1234567890">LINK</a>

    Java set "jsessionid" by ";" (semicolon) .

    <a href="httpup://xxxx.xxx/xxx.xxx;jsessionid=1234567890">LINK</a>

    On this case user's terminal show URL like following, too.


    But if you have a problem to include session-ID in URL, don't use this method for taking over session.

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