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About Android JUMBLE FileManager

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Android JUMBLE FileManager(JUMBLE ファイルマネージャ)

Features of JUMBLE FileManager

JUMBLE FileManager has all the necessary functions as a file manager. JUMBLE FileManager has following distinctive features which is not implemented in other Android file managers little, too.

  • Range selection
  • If you organize pictures by date, you need to select specific range files.
    In this case, to select the files one by one is very cumbersome.
    JUMBLE FileManager has range select function, so you can select the files at once and do your process speedy.

  • Trash box
  • On smartphone, many incorrect operation occur than PC operation cause of small screen and touch operation.
    JUMBLE FileManager has trash function, so if you delete files by mistake, you can restore the files.
    ( For files which cannot be managed with trash function (like network files), JUMBLE FileManager show you more confirmation message. )

  • Dual screen
  • Dual screen is prepared in many other Android file manager, but JUMBLE FileManager switch the mode smoothly.
    You can change dual screen mode at any time, and you can back to sinble screen mode by just one tap when your work finished.

  • Grid/List view, File image size
  • You can change grid/list view, file image size by each folder.
    So you can set according to the properties of the folder, like 'Grid view and Image size Big' for images folder, 'List view and Image size small' for texts folder.

  • Rotation of image
  • You can rotate a image whose vertical and horizontal is wrong.
    Rotate information is saved by a file, so next time adjusted image thumbnail is shown.
    This information is related with inner image viewer, so if you change this setting once, you can watch adjusted image in the viewer.
    ( Loss of quality of image file not occurred because of no change for original file. )

  • Share with reducing size image
  • If you mail pictures, often original file is too big to send.
    You can start application reducing image size, save adjusted files, select files, and send by mail application, but these operations is too hard.
    By using JUMBLE FileManager, you can easily select multiple files and share with reduced size files.
    Because of rotate information being used, image rotation will be adjusted automatically.

  • Zip / Unzip with no garbage characters
  • If you zipped files on Windows including double-byte character and unzipped on Android terminal, in most cases garbage characters will be occurred.
    This is due to difference of encode of Windows and Android.
    It is possible to specify the encoding when zip or unzip in JUMBLE FileManager, so you can zip or unzip with no garbage characters.

  • Adding new file types
  • If you have a new file not edited, any application file can create by JUMBLE FileManager.
    This operation is just only copy that new file and rename to new file, but this allow you to create any type files ( like Excel Word) in JUMBLE FileManager.
    ( Of Course to edit the file you have to install application that can edit it separately. )

JUMBLE FileManager Usage ..
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