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Android JUMBLE FileManager

JUMBLE File Manager (File Explorer)

JUBMLE File Manager is basic file manager (file explorer).
This file manager (file explorer) aim to be the most user-friendly file manager.

This application has basic file management function as a filer.
In addition to basic file operations, the following operations are possible.

- Display by List/Grid
- Resizing thumbnail image.
- Dual screen
- File sort
- File search
- Multi select (Range select support)
- Zip (Multi encode support)
- Unzip file (Multi encode support)
- Favorite mark
- Desktop shortcut
- File share
- Layout arrange
- File attachment
- Image viewer
- Sending reduced image file
- Network (Local LAN)
- Trash box

The following features are in the works

- Network (FTP)
- Display file in a zip file

Get JUMBLE FileManager from the links below.

To Android Market (Paid Ad-free)

To Android Market (Free version with Ad)

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Android JUMBLE Uploader

JUMBLE Uploader

JUMBLE Uploader is Upload Tool for Android terminal.

Now you can not upload file from Android default browser.

If you install JUMBLE Uploader, you will be enabled to upload from Android default browser.

To Android Market

JUMBLE Uploader detail information..
Android JUMBLE FileManager
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JUMBLE Uploader
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